Mar 23

hadoop Ebooks Download


Please Feel free to download below hadoop ebooks,which are the best books to start with…Please report us for any broken links.

  1. Apache.Hadoop.YARN_.Sample
  2. Cassandra_The_Definitive_Guide
  3. Data_Analytics_Models_and_Algorithms
  4. Data_Mining_and_Business_Analytics_with_R__Johannes_Ledolter
  5. Exploring_Splunk
  6. Hadoop in Action
  7. Hadoop in Practice
  8. Hadoop The Definitive Guide 2nd Edition
  9. hadoop_real-world_solutions_cookbook
  10. HBase.The.Definitive.Guide
  11. head_first_data_analysis
  12. head_first_statistics
  13. Hunk-6.0-Hunk
  14. Introductory_Statistics_7th_ed__P._Mann_Wiley_2010_WW
  16. mapreduce_design_patterns
  17. Oreilly.Hadoop.The.Definitive.Guide.3rd.Edition.Jan.2012
  18. Oreilly.Programming.Hive.Sep.2012
  19. Oreilly.Programming.Pig.Sep.2011
  20. Predictive_Analytics_MS_Excel
  21. Pro Hadoop
  22. Splunk-6.0.1-SearchTutorial
  23. Zhao_R_and_data_mining


Jan 27

Null Layout In Java

Rather than using a layout manager that controls the size and position of all components in a container, you can set the layout manager to null. Each component then controls its own position and size using its bounds. Absolute positioning might make sense if a container holds components whose size is not affected by the container’s size or by font, look-and-feel, or language changes.…

Jan 27

FlowLayout in Java

FlowLayout is the default layout manager for every JPanel. FlowLayout puts components in a row, sized at their preferred size. If the horizontal space in the container is too small to put all the components in one row, FlowLayout uses multiple rows.…

Jan 22

How ArrayList Grows in java7 ?

ArrayList’s underlying data structure is “Resizable Array” or “Growable Array”. In ArrayList insertion order is also preserved

Above statement creates an empty ArrayList with 0 capacity. But as we insert even a single element into this ArrayList then it’s capacity becomes 10.…

Jan 22

How Vector Grows in java ?

Vector’s underlying datastructure is “Resizable Array” or “Growable Array”. In Vector insertion order is also preserved

Creates an empty Vector with 10 as default capacity. Vector uses the following algorithm for growing it’s size

Once Vector reaches it’s maximum capacity even then if we add more elements to it, then new Vector object will be created (with the above formula) with extended capacity.…

Jan 22

Why Generics Is Introduced In Java?

JDK 5.0 introduces several new extensions to the Java programming language, one of these is the introduction of Generics.

Why Generics is introduced?

Generics provides the abstraction over types. Here is a typical usage of that sort:

The cast on line 3 is slightly annoying.…