Dear Hadoop Aspirants,

Nataraz Online classes is happy to introduce Professional Hadoop Training.This course is smartly designed for professionals who wants to build there career in Hadoop.The courses is extensively designed to cover in depth understanding on Hadoop and its Ecosystem components.At the end of the course You will find Hadoop framework to be much more easier than any other Java/J2EE framework.

Training Prerequisite : Core Java+Basic SQL queries+Basic Linux command

Upcoming Weekend Batch Timings:

  • Duration:                   Dec 5th to Mar 27th(4 Months) Every Sat sun
  • Timings:                    sat 7:30 AM  IST to 10:30 AM IST
  •                                    sun 6:30 PM IST to 9:30 PM  IST 
  •  Total duration:        120 Hours

Components Covered:

  • Map-Reduce(44+ sessions,45+ examples,2 Projects)
  • Pig(12+ sessions+Project)
  • Hive(14+ sessions+Assignments)
  • Sqoop(6+ sessions+Assignments)
  • HBase(7+ sessions+Assignments)
  • Oozie(4+ sessions+Assignments)
  • Hue(2 sessions)
  • Spark(Basics)

Training Syllabus: click here

Distribution Covered: Cloudera Latest

Salient Features:

  1. Creating Your own single-node and multi-node cluster,including all hadoop components
  2. Working with cloudera  distribution
  3. Using Eclipse and Maven to develop map-reduce program
  4. Case study on  Live Projects
  5. Interesting assignments
  6. Full support for CCD-410(Cloudera Certification) with more than 700+ practice questions

View Demo Videos(13 out of 92)

  1.  Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop
  2. Hadoop Terminology,Hadoop Vs SQL
  3. Hadoop Architecture
  4. Installing java eclipse on ubuntu VMWare 11
  5. Hadoop Modes Versioning
  6. Understanding Hadoop Daemon
  7. How Map-Reduce Works
  8. Understanding Word Count Problem
  9. Installing single node Hadoop 1.2.1 in Ubuntu 14.4.10
  10. HDFS Basic command I
  11. Configuring Eclipse Luna for Hadoop
  12. Developing Word Count Map-Reduce Example
  13. Important Observation on Word Count Example

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More 100 hours of sessions to Become Hadoop Expert

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