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  1. Sir,
    Iam set the class path as “G:\tomcat 6.0\lib\jasper.jar” and i tried like this
    E:\MyJsp>java org.apache.jasper.JspC -compiler javac ABC.jsp
    Then i get the error like “org.apache.jasper.JspC” class not found..
    could u please tell me the problem…

  2. sir i want small hint to develop one web page like name and age two text boxes and submit button,if i click submit button then next web page opened in that page one table display like name ,age ang check boxex are the columns.and finnaly one delete button is there if i insert 5 rows in that table after that if we delete two rows then i select two check boxes and click delete then 2 rows are deleted ,how that code is implement in servelts r jsp

  3. sir in jsp to db communication iam getting problem.that is i am reading data from text fields,that data i am tried fetch in “PreparedStatement” positional parameters places.but the data can not be fetching and then it giving nullpointer exception in that positional parameter place.sir give me solution for this.

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