Working With Spring Tool Suite

What is Spring Tool Suite

It is an IDE which is built on top of eclipse,to give you full support on Spring framework.Normally ,eclipse don’t contain spring plugin by default.(although you can install the plugin separately on eclipse).

However Spring Tool Suite give you the following support

Spring Project
Spring Roo Project
Spring Web-flow and many more

Download Spring Tool Suite from

Creating Spring Project

1.Create a Project

Go to File->New->Spring Project->  Name: MyProj1->ok

2.Add Spring Configuration file to the project

Right click on Proj->New->other->Spring ->Spring Bean configuration file->
File Name:mycfg    (without extension)

3.Adding Spring Jars

Normally,people depends on maven for jar dependency,As a result Spring community have not included the jar along with the project.So,its the responsibility of the programmer to include the jars.

To include the jar,Right click on Proj->Build path->Configure Build path->go to Libraries tab->click Add external ->Browse and select all the jars needed->Press Ok

4.Develop other classes as normal java class and finally run the Application

The look and feel of Spring Tools source are as same as eclipse,so you can work freely and easily.


Note:-If you work with Struts,you have FormBean classes which extends from org.apache.struts.action.ActionForm.  Similary, you have your Action classes,which extends from org.apache.struts.action.Action,So while working with Struts in Eclipse/MyEclipse,you can the facility to create Action classes and FormBean classes.But in case of Spring,SpringBean classes and Client Application are purely POJO’s.They are not dependent on spring f/w software related class.So we have no provision to create those classes using IDE.We need to create them as we create the normal classes.



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